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General Maintenance

For your convenience, we offer an optional three month, six month, and yearly general maintenance options. However, depending on the size, location, and usage will determine which one would best suit your door. We will send out one of our certified technicians to explain which one of these would best suit you and why.

Depending on how often you use your garage door, whether it is multiple times daily (which is becoming the norm for the average household) or just one cycle (up and down) a month. These all need various levels and frequency of maintenance. For an average family household of 4-5, the door will run 6-8 cycles each day. In that instance, the required maintenance would be to lubricate all components of the door and motor every 3-6 months on a standard residential sectional door.

Technician carrying out a tune-up

Need A Tune-Up?

Our general maintenance services or tune-up of an overhead door consists of a few things. First, we perform a 10-point inspection of both the door and opener. This 10-part inspection is when we look over all the components of the door and electric opener, both critical and non-critical. Also, we will tighten all loose nuts/bolt and check the tension of each spring. Then, after everything checks out, we engage the door to the operator and run two full cycles. During these cycles, we adjust and check both up and down limits and change them accordingly. This adjustment controls the stopping point of both up and down positions. Next, is the power force setting check and adjustment. This safety feature is a pressure-sensitive sensor integrated into most automatic openers. It is another safety feature that works along with your safety sensors. You can find these sensors at the bottom of each track. They prevent the door from closing on any obstruction. When set correctly the sensors can avoid severe damage to both the door and people alike.

Finally, we will lubricate both your garage door and opener properly. Indeed, lubrication of all the moving parts is one of the most important and overlooked parts of general maintenance. In doing just this step, you will prevent normal wear and tear along with prolonging the life of all the components of your door. By routinely lubricating your garage door you avert small fixable problems from turning into more extensive repairs. Or even in some instances complete replacement of both the door and opener.